The Owl Cottage is situated on the southern edge of the Woodbush Forest.

On this avocado farm, Phil and Tig have created a haven for birders. With their water features and bird feeders, they have attracted a variety of birds to the gardens around the cottage. This is arguably one of the best sites in Magoebaskloof to view the Cape Parrot as up to thirty birds may come to feed on the pecan-nut trees in the garden during winter.  You may also see Red-backed Mannikin, Swee Waxbills and African Firefinch on the feeders around the garden. 

Keep an eye out for the Grey Waxbills that turn up every now and then.  Around the water features, you may find the White-starred Robin and the Brown-hooded Kingfisher. Listen out for the Grey Cuckoo Shrike. Birder friendly warm hosts.

Accommodation is in a spacious three-bedroomed, self-catering cottage offering fresh herbs in the garden. 

Current rates:
R350 per person per night

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